Month: April 2023

People typically think of gambling as taking place in flashy Vegas casinos with flashing lights and champagne flutes. Although this is true for some gamblers, modern gambling has evolved significantly and now can be enjoyed safely from your own home via online casinos, sports betting sites or lottery apps accessible from both a computer or […]
South Carolina remains one of the few states that still prohibit casino-style gambling; the only forms legal gambling are state lottery and charitable games such as bingo. State officials attempted to regulate video poker by restricting daily winnings. Machine operators found ways around this restriction by hiding multiple machines within buildings and behind walls. Legality […]
There are numerous different video poker games, but they all follow the same general principles. Unlike slot machines, video poker requires player decisions which influence its outcome – making them a true test of skill! Players receive five cards and select which ones to keep and which to discard; those not kept are then drawn […]