Massachusetts Lottery – What Lottery Game is Tonight?

Massachusetts state lottery offers several games. This page features winning numbers histories and statistics for Numbers Game Midday, Evening, Mass Cash Mega Bucks Powerball & Lucky For Life games.

Numbers Game is a daily draw game featuring two draws (midday and evening). To participate, players select their numbers between 0-9 to match at least three numbers to win a prize!

Numbers Game Evening

The Massachusetts State Lottery currently offers four multi-state draw games and several pull tabs – The Numbers Game, Mass Cash Megabucks Doubler and Lucky for Life are just a few examples – plus various charitable gaming events.

The Numbers Game offers six betting types, such as Exact Order and Any Order. Prizes depend on how often repeat numbers occur and can range anywhere from $200 for no duplicates to $1200 if three identical numbers appear together in a drawing. Winnings are pari-mutuel; winners must claim them within one year from when their prize was issued.

The Massachusetts Lottery is one of the world’s premier lotteries. Offering generous jackpots and being accessible in thousands of locations nationwide, its jackpots provide substantial revenue for both the state of Massachusetts as well as supporting its cities and towns over time.

Numbers Game Midday

Massachusetts Lottery’s Numbers Game Midday lottery drawing results for Sunday, Oct 23 2022 are now available. This Lotto game boasts a six-digit matrix and offers players the chance to win big – up to and including a $100,000 jackpot prize! Choose your numbers using quick pick or use our preset options for easy selection process.

Prize amounts in Lottery Corner’s Draw 3 Lotto game depend on ticket sales for each drawing and vary depending on play style and bet value. Our Pattern Prediction feature can help increase your odds by helping predict winning numbers for this lottery game.

The Massachusetts Lottery is a state-run lottery which has generated billions for Massachusetts over its 50-year history, while also paying out millions in prizes to its players. Renowned for being one of the first US lotteries, this lotterie also offers popular draw games to its participants.

Mass Cash

Massachusetts Lottery players can find a variety of exciting lottery games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions with Megaplier; state-operated games like Lucky for Life; as well as Instant Win games in their game lineup.

Massachusetts Lottery officials emphasize instant-win games as one of the primary sources of revenue and an unrestricted source of local aid aid to cities and towns throughout Massachusetts.

To play Mass Cash, players select five numbers between 1 and 35 or use Quic Pic to randomly generate numbers for them. They then must take their completed bet slip to a Lottery Sales Agent who will issue them their ticket.


Massachusetts Lottery offers several jackpot games with enormous potential payouts. Megabucks Doubler stands out among these as it features an ever-expanding rolling jackpot with extremely favorable odds; Massachusetts was among the initial six states to join a multi-state lottery drawing back in 1996 which became Mega Millions; this drawing remains popular today!

To play, visit your local lottery retailer and request a bet slip with six numbers from 1 to 44 on it. Use multiple playslips with identical numbers, or let the terminal randomly choose them for you if using Quic Pic mode. Each play costs $2 and begins at a jackpot starting point of $500,000 that grows larger as no winner emerges.

Lucky for Life

Massachusetts Lottery provides multiple ways for players to play, with both draw games and instant win games being options. Draw games typically do not resolve until specific times, while instant win games often provide instantaneous results. Megabucks Doubler, Powerball and Lucky for Life games are just a few examples available on its lottery website.

Salem woman Wins $25,000 Annually in Multistate Lottery Game Lucky for Life A Salem woman has won $25,000 annually through multistate lottery game Lucky for Life, according to Lottery officials. She submitted the ticket as part of her husband’s 43rd Anniversary Card thinking it only matched four out of the five numbers; later realizing they all aligned, according to officials of Lottery officials.

Stop & Shop in Hyannis sold the ticket and will receive a bonus of $5,000 as a result, while its purchaser has the choice between annuity payments or lump-sum payout.