How to Find Low Volatility Slot Machines

how to find low volatility slot machines

When it comes to slot machines, you have many different choices available to you. But how can you select one that meets your individual needs? A key way is understanding game volatility – a measure of risk that determines how often and how much you win in each session. Here we discuss low volatility slot machines as a means of finding what suits you best!

Low volatility slot games feature low hit frequencies, meaning that small wins come more frequently – without necessarily becoming huge ones – thus keeping your bankroll topped up and keeping you playing for longer. Low-volatility slots are perfect for players looking for more play but without risking too much money; beginner gamers especially benefit from these slot types as they require less attention or skill than higher-volatility games.

However, high volatility slots offer higher hit frequencies with larger pay-outs; you may win less often but when you do it can be significant in value. High volatility slots are ideal for players who like the thrill of big wins but are willing to wait longer between winning spins.

Before playing any slot machine, there are various ways you can assess its volatility. One method is by reviewing its pay table and payouts per symbol combination – higher payouts indicate greater volatility of play. Another approach involves looking at its jackpot size; large jackpots tend to indicate increased volatility while those with smaller ones often offer less risky gameplay.

Before selecting the slot that’s best suited to you, test several out. Try starting off with free-play versions so that you can experience it without spending any real money – keep a record of how often and how much you win and this will give an indication of its volatility.

Your selection of slot machine will depend upon several factors: budget, patience and experience. Whatever game you decide upon should reflect these aspects; just keep in mind that volatility doesn’t impact long-term chances. Look for one with an entertaining theme and design to fit your playing style! Good luck and have fun!