What States Allow Online Gambling?

As technology has advanced, online gambling has become an increasingly popular way of placing bets on sports events and other games. The convenience of betting from home has only added to its appeal for many who were once barred from legal gambling activities outside a physical casino or horse track. While legal online gambling can now be found in 30 states across America, its acceptance in certain regions remains slow compared to others; here we explore why some states still don’t permit it and what may be holding them back from doing so.

Even though sports betting is legal in over half of American states, most still lack legislation authorizing legal online casino and other forms of iGaming gambling. Some may soon pass legislation making online gaming possible while others could take years. There may be various reasons behind their delay: from state governments being busy introducing legislation for legal gambling online casinos may require funding.

Sometimes the process of introducing new gambling laws may prove too expensive for state budgets to bear, while at other times finding suitable political partners to drive changes that will ultimately benefit state residents can be challenging.

There are signs that online gambling could be making headway. Rhode Island recently passed a law permitting for the introduction of new casinos later this year; Rhode Island watched closely how other Northeastern states proceeded and learned some valuable information to avoid some of their missteps in this process.

Connecticut is another example, now home to two new online casinos thanks to a partnership agreement between DraftKings Casino and FanDuel Casino and two tribal casinos within its borders. While both are expected to launch soon, no news on any additional operators joining their ranks in near future has yet been provided.

One of the major obstacles remains in California, where attempts at legalizing online gaming have repeatedly hit roadblocks in recent years. While California remains one of the most populous and progressive states when it comes to government practices, no timeline has been provided regarding when online gambling options will become available for its residents; for now they can enjoy visiting land-based casinos throughout their state like Crystal Palace Casino.