What States Is Online Gambling Legal?

Gambling has long been an entertaining pastime, but modern technology has catapulted its industry forward dramatically. Gamblers can now participate in casinos, horse races, and even sports wagering without leaving home – although gambling may not be legal everywhere; therefore it’s essential that gamblers understand which states allow online gambling versus those which do not permit it. This article provides a breakdown of which states allow this form of online betting and which do not.

Most states currently allow some form of legal online gambling, with many offering both sports betting and casino gaming on separate platforms like New Jersey does. Others, like Pennsylvania only offer single platform options such as sports betting or casino gaming. Some states such as Hawaii and Utah prohibit all forms of gambling altogether but this could soon change with bills being considered that would legalize online gambling in these states.

Many states that don’t permit online gambling are still prohibitive when it comes to other forms of gambling, such as land-based casinos and lotteries. One reason may be that these states already host many land casinos that they don’t wish to risk losing revenue from the addition of online gambling; others could have religious or political motivations behind their stance against it; yet others simply lack sufficient funding.

Prior to recent years, many states prohibited online gambling if they also prohibited land-based gambling. This trend changed when individual states passed legislation permitting them to regulate online gambling largely as a result of changes to how the federal government interprets the Wire Act of 1961.

At present, only four states have not passed laws authorizing online gambling; however, two of these states – Nevada and New Mexico – already provide a relatively robust regulated market that allows players to wager on teams or events of their choice. Furthermore, North Carolina legalized sports betting at two tribal casinos back in 2018, and it plans on opening its own online betting market soon enough.

Georgia and Mississippi are also exploring legal online casino gambling, likely soon. Both states share large populations with states that already allow this service; it seems likely that both will join other legalized states in offering it soon. Arkansas recently passed legislation permitting online gambling later this year – possibly becoming the first state without forcing residents to travel all the way to Las Vegas before placing bets online! This move should make enjoying all that iGaming offers much simpler for citizens.