Are Table Games Better Than Slots For Free Rooms?

No matter your gaming preference – roulette, blackjack or craps – table games offer an engaging and challenging way to test your abilities. We feature nearly 200 tables spread out over our three-acre casino floor for your entertainment!

Table games are at the core of any casino, drawing many of the finest players worldwide and giving them an opportunity to show off their strategy and luck. Although slot machines remain the moneymakers for most casinos, table game areas tend to attract serious gamers who hone their strategy and luck to become champions in these disciplines.

Finding room comps at most casinos can be a difficult challenge for low-rollers. An efficient way of doing it is via direct mail offers sent out once a slot club member hits certain amounts of playback. Table and machine players alike can take advantage of player club offers by speaking to either the host desk or floorpersons – although the hosts typically have more discretion in providing items than staff at player’s club desk, and expect you to gamble enough in order to qualify for one. If you need assistance determining how much to bet, speak to a floorperson. He or she won’t be able to give an exact figure but should help get things started. Once your session begins, only clock in once you are fully prepared as your credit will only show on the system but not your actual plays.